Saturday, June 4, 2011

Extra, Extra, Read all about it!!!!

Hey All,
I have some huge news I would LOVE to share with ya'll!!!

First, I'm pregnant. YAY!! I found out a couple of weeks ago that my Fiancee and I are going to have a baby. I am 8 weeks along. It's so exciting. I've already started making things for baby. It has been tough so far. I've lost quite a bit of weight thanks to my complete lack in appetite. I've tried to eat things but they just make me sick and sometimes things that don't make me sick immediately will have there revenge on me later. Example: A banana I ate this morning. I thought it was something I could safely eat. Well, 5 minutes after I ate it, it went right into our kitchen trash can. Man, that was not a fun time. Andrew was right on the floor with me though. He's a great guy.

Second, I'm getting married (hence, the word "Fiancee"). My Fiancee Andrew and I will be tying the knot July 23rd. It will not be a big wedding. Instead of spending big bucks on a fancy wedding we are gonna be frugal and put the rest of the money into baby's savings. :-D Baby's first after all. I'll have quite a bit of help though and I know I can make our wedding beautiful by using my creativity.

Well everybody, time to sign off and get a working on the baby blanket.