Saturday, February 23, 2008

Reversible Afghan Pattern

Ok, Here's the pattern for that afghan I'm working on right now. I promised quite a few people on crochetville I'd write out the pattern.
There are some parts of the pattern that were really hard to write so they are probably harder to understand so if ya'll have trouble just leave a comment with the question and I'll help ya out.
Hope you all enjoy the pattern.




Supplies: A lighter color for MC (main color),
a darker color or color for CC ( contrasting color).
A "K" crochet hook works well but it really depends on the yarn you are using and your personal preferences.
Note: All stitches are worked in BL except when instructed to dc in fl of said row.
Always go back to begging of row to start new row.
Chain a multiple of 8 + 6 sts in MC, then fasten off and go back to begginning of ch.
Row1: Attach MC in first ch, ch1, sc in each ch across. Fasten off, leaving approx 3 inch tail.
Row2-4: Attach MC in BL of first sc, ch1, sc in each sc across. Fasten off, leaving approx 3 inch tail.
Row5:Attach CC in BL of first sc, ch1, sc in each sc across. Fasten off, leaving approx 3 inch tail.
Row6: Attach MC in first sc, ch1, sc in first sc, skip 1st FL of MC row below, * Dc in the next 4 FLs of MC row below, Sc in BLs of next 4 Sc; Repeat from * across. Dc in the next 4 FL’s of MC row below, sc in BL of las sc. Fasten off leaving approx 3 inch tail.
Row7: Repeat row 5.
Row8: Attach MC in BL of first sc, ch1, sc in Bl of next 5 sc, *skip next 4 FL’s of mc row, Dc in next 4 FLs 2 rows below, sc in next 4 sc; Repeat from * across. Sc in BL of last st.
Repeat rows 5-8 for pattern.
End pattern with 4 rows with MC, in BL’s. In Same manner as Row 2.


Tina said...

That is so awesome! Thanks so much for posting the pattern for this afghan. I can't wait to get my WIP pile down so I can start one of these. It would look cool even in scrap colors, I think. Thank you! :D

Julee's Quality Crochet said...

You're Welcome Tina!!
I think it would look really cool in scraps!! That's a capital idea!! Maybe after I finish this one I'll work on another one. Although I will probably buy more of the Main Color(black probably).

crpstx said...

Really admire your patterns. I started your reversible afghan today (jan 31, 2009). I did up to row 6. After you dc in the 4 FLs of MC 1 row below, skip 4 sc, do you need to chain 1 or something, mine is all stretched across from the dcs in 4, then sk 4, then dc in next 4. What am I missing??

Normajean said...

I'm new to crochet, I've finished 5 crochet rugs started with a rectangular square. I'd like to try you rev. afghan but don't understand the abbreviations you use. What is BL, sc and FL?
The look really great!

Julee aka Jewls said...

Hi Norma Jean,
BL means Back Loop.
FL means Front Loop.
SC means Single Crochet.

Hope that helps!! If you have any more questions feel free to ask away.

Take Care


Lisa said...

Hi Julee :o) I'm just getting started on this, my first small sample go looks like...mmmm...well not like yours! My CC is acting like dozens of tiny that supposed to happen? I'm using a chunky yarn, which may be making it more pronounced than it wouldbe on a lighter yarn...

Aleisha said...

Thank you so much for posting this pattern! My great grandma made blankets with this pattern before she passed away and I have been trying to find a pattern similar to hers for over a year! This is easy to follow! Thank you!

Jessica-Jean said...

Thanks for the idea! It's a more organized version of the Narrow Step that I've made four (or more?) of: