Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Little Sad

Well ya'll!! I'm a little bummed. A very good friend of mine joined the National Guard a few months ago and just shipped off to bootcamp early yesterday morning. I'm really gonna miss him!!! We've had so many good times together!! Working on worship music for church. Hanging out in town. He's been the most amazing friend I've ever had. I really care about him!!!!
Ya'll are probably thinking that I'm boo hooing about nothing!! He'll be home in a few months and then he'll be home to stay!!! Wrong!! He chose to go Active!! ACTIVE for eight years. Way to long in my book. Yeah, I might see him every once in while. But that won't be soon enough.
Anywho. Enough on that!! I've had my full day of cryin' my eyes out, and now it's time to start back up on my crocheting!! Hmm, I should make him a helmet liner!! I shall.

Take care ya'lll!!!
Have a great day and happy crocheting and REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS!!!!



Victoria said...

Hi! I know you're bummed about your friend... I wanted to tell you about a neat group though, who makes hat liners, socks, and dishcloths for those serving in the military. Just do a search for Socks for Soldiers in yahoo groups, and you'll find it. They're a lot of fun! If you have any questions, you can find me at Vickietoria on crochetville. :) Take care!

Julee's Quality Crochet said...

I will check that out Victoria.
So, dish cloths too? Are the hat lines knit or crochet? Sorry, about all the questions.


p.s. I just found out my friend can finally start getting mail so I'm really excited.