Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Guinea Pig Fringed Hide Away Instructions

Guinea Pig Fringe Hide Away Instructions:
You'll need a 23” x 24” piece of fleece. Cut a 10”x10” piece out like you see in the diagram and then sew both sides together as the diagram also shows.

Draw a straight line from side to side that measures 10 1/2" up from the bottom with a washable fabric marker. Mark 1/2" increments on the fabric on both the top and bottom of fringe section.

Cut the fringe using a rotary cutter and ruler or trace a line using your fabric marker if you are cutting the fabric with scissors to ensure that each length of fridge is as close to the same size as possible. 

Cut a 10"x 14" piece of cardboard. Secure fringe hide away to the card board with ribbon or yarn using a sharp needle and piercing through both layers. You'll use this piece of string or yarn to tie your hide away to the cage so make the pieces plenty long. You'll need to make 1 hole in the 3 corners that are touching the sides of the cage in order to make sure the hide away won't fall. 

If you'd like you can decorate with ribbon. I used fabric glue instead of sewing to save myself a little time.