Monday, March 19, 2012

Sock Blocker Tutorial

Sock blockers are expensive and I needed a cheaper alternative so I made my own. Here are my instructions on how to make your own. They only cost a few dollars a piece and you can make quite a few sock blockers out of one Foam Board.

*I want to add some colorful stickers to my next blockers (I'll be adding the stickers before I cover them).
You can find the PDF for the Template here: Sock Blocker Template
3/16” Thick Foam Board (can be purchased at wal-mart)
Box Cutter or sharp knife(Scissors do not work well on the Foam Board. They pretty much destroy it)
Clear Packing Tape (I covered my sock blocker in it to kinda water proof it and to make it easier to slide the sock on and off)

1. Print out Template. If it’s to large or small, you can use a copier to reduce or enlarge it.
2. Cut out the template.
3. Place the template on the Foam board and trace around it with a marker that is easy to see. Don’t forget about the leg of the blocker. Be sure and leave room for that on the Foam board.
4. Cut out your sock blocker using the box cutter.
5. Using the packing tape, cover the sock blocker. This will prevent water damage.
6. Enjoy your sock blocker.

If this is helpful or you have any questions please leave a comment.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Update and Some things you should check out

Hello everyone,
It's been a while since I've blogged. It's harder to find time or even remember now.

Here's a picture of my little man:

He's getting so big. He's around 23" long and has to be over 13 lbs. He's very heavy and VERY healthy. He is now 1 month and 9 days old.

Things you should check you:
I've been watching Video Podcast for some time now. During this time I've run across some really neat ones. There are really to many to count. I'd like to tell you about a couple of podcasters I've just started watching. You have to watch them. These gals are great.

First off, I'd like to introduce Auntie Knits. I started watching today and I really enjoyed it. Now I have to get caught up on her podcasts. Hayley is so friendly and I loved looking at all the socks she finished. It's so inspiring. I really need to knit through more of my sock yarn stash. You can find Hayley's podcast HERE.

I'd also like to introduce Laugh, Love, Knit's Video Podcast. I started watching Megan's Podcast a few days ago and was hooked. She is so down to earth and very likeable. It's so neat watching someone talk about something we all love so much (knitting). You can find her podcast HERE.

Please give these podcasts a watch. Keep up the good work Ladies. I'm looking forward to your next episodes.

Also, There is a new Indie Dyer on Etsy you HAVE TO check out. She has the prettiest colors and her prices are really awesome. The Dyers name is Elizabeth and her shop name is: Great Lakes Hand Dyed. I'll have my own skein of one of her accidental color ways coming soon and I'm so excited. You can find her yarns HERE.

I hope you all are having a great day and getting lots of Crocheting, Knitting and Spinning done. Until next time, Take Care!!