Monday, October 29, 2018

Angel Baby Shawl

Approx. 16 Ounces of yarn of choice
Size "I" Crochet Hook (or hook size to match your yarn choice)
Tapestry Needle for weaving ends in securely
Special Stitches:
Shell: (2Dc, Ch2, 2Dc) in space indicated in pattern.
Abbreviations Used:
Sl St- Slip Stitch St- Stitch Sp- Space Ch- Chain Sc- Single Crochet Dc- Double Crochet

Note: When told to "Shell in next Shell" that means to Shell in the Ch2 space in the middle of the Shell St below.
Make Loop (magic loop or Ch3, Sl St in first ch to make loop)
Row 1: Ch4 (Counts as Dc, Ch1), Dc in loop, (Ch1, Dc) in loop 4 times, Turn. (5- Ch1 Sps, 6 Dc)

Row 2: Ch3, (Dc, Ch2, 2 Dc, Ch2, 2Dc) in next Ch1 Sp, Ch1, Dc in next Ch1 Sp, Ch1, Shell in next Ch1 Sp, Ch1, Dc in next Ch1 Sp, Ch1, (2Dc, Ch2, 2Dc,Ch2, Dc) in next Ch1 Sp, Dc in top of Ch3, Turn. (20 Dc, 5 Ch2 Sps, 4 Ch1 Sp)

Row 3: Ch3, (Shell in next Ch2 Sp, Ch1) 2 times, (Dc in next Ch1 Sp, Ch1) 2 times, Shell in next Shell, (Ch1, Dc in next Ch1 Sp) 2 times, Shell in next Ch2 Sp, Ch1, Shell in next Ch2 Sp, Dc in top of Ch3, Turn. (5 Shells, 4 Dc- does not include Dc in Shells, 8 Ch1 Sps)

Row 4: Ch3, Shell in next Shell, Ch1, Dc in next Ch1 sp, Ch1, Shell in next Shell, (Ch1, Dc in next Ch1 Sp) 3 times, Ch1, Shell in next Shell, (Ch1, Dc in next Ch1 sp) 3 times, Ch1, Shell in next Shell, Ch1, Dc in next Ch1 sp, Ch1, Shell in next Shell, Dc in top of Ch3, Turn.
(5 Shells, 8 Dc- does not include Dc in Shells, 12 Ch1 Sps)

Row 5: Ch3, Shell in next Shell, *(Ch1, Dc) in each Ch1 sp to next Shell, Ch1, Shell in next Shell, (Ch1, Dc) in each Ch1 sp to next Shell, Ch1, Shell in next Shell*. Repeat from * to * 1 more time, Dc in top of beg Ch3, Turn. (5 Shells, 12 Dc- does not include Dc in Shells, 16 Ch1 Sps)

Repeat Row 5 until desired size is reached. Weave in ends securely when done.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Designed this little bag for a craft show I have coming up this weekend! I fell in love with the buttons in the second picture and had to make something to put them on. I figured what's more fitting than a little bag for a little girl. I think these will sell. I know parents usually give their kiddos a few dollars to spend but there usually isn't much for kids to buy at craft shows that cost $5 and under. I'll let you all know how they do! You can find the pattern here: Small Drawstring Bag.

Sunday, November 19, 2017


I have a new glorious project to tell you all about. But first a little backstory.

Last year my husband's Grandmother gave me a beautiful cabled sweater she had knit. It is oversized and so cozy. Sometimes I would just throw it over my shoulders and button the top button. In doing this I realized that I love capes. They allows my arms to move freely and I don't have to constantly push long sleeves up to keep them from getting in the way of knitting and crocheting. When you live in a cold area and in a house that is hard to keep warm anything that can keep you from freezing while letting you also stay productive is AWESOME!!! Enter my current project. I am making a cape using yarn that was originally meant for my first sweater. I decided a while back that it wasn't for me and was even going to sell the yarn. Till I realized it would make a lovely cape.

I began to look for a pattern and stumbled upon a pattern by Bernat called the "Top Down Button Front Capelet". I really liked the construction and guess what???? My gauge with the yarn I chose was SPOT ON!!! How often does that happen? This project with this yarn was definitely meant to be.

I have been a little vague on the details of the cape because I made a few short videos last night about it. It was fun showing some of the process and telling everyone about my new project. You can find my project HERE on Ravelry. Enjoy!!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Rainbow "It All Started With a Square"

Have any of y'all ever started a project and were super stoked about it? You diligently worked away on it and made some great progress in a short amount of time. Then, another project bats its eyelashes at you and before you know it your casting on a pair of socks and the poor blanket you once loved making has been put aside. It watches you everyday as you lovingly knit on your newest pair of socks and wonders when it will be loved again. That is my story as of late. But I need to change that. I love this blanket. I want to see it finished. I really don't have that much work to do on it before it's done. As of tomorrow I'm splitting my time between crafts (at least till my blanket is done). Here's a pic and a link to my project page on Ravelry.

Click the pictures to go to the project pages.
And here's what has been stealing my attention away as of late. I absolutely love working with this yarn. The color was great AND it came in a large lot of sock yarn from Goodwill so the price was right. Can't wait to finish these babies for my cold feet.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Guinea Pig Fringed Hide Away Instructions

Guinea Pig Fringe Hide Away Instructions:
You'll need a 23” x 24” piece of fleece. Cut a 10”x10” piece out like you see in the diagram and then sew both sides together as the diagram also shows.

Draw a straight line from side to side that measures 10 1/2" up from the bottom with a washable fabric marker. Mark 1/2" increments on the fabric on both the top and bottom of fringe section.

Cut the fringe using a rotary cutter and ruler or trace a line using your fabric marker if you are cutting the fabric with scissors to ensure that each length of fridge is as close to the same size as possible. 

Cut a 10"x 14" piece of cardboard. Secure fringe hide away to the card board with ribbon or yarn using a sharp needle and piercing through both layers. You'll use this piece of string or yarn to tie your hide away to the cage so make the pieces plenty long. You'll need to make 1 hole in the 3 corners that are touching the sides of the cage in order to make sure the hide away won't fall. 

If you'd like you can decorate with ribbon. I used fabric glue instead of sewing to save myself a little time.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Pattern Release: 8 Point Cabled Round Ripple

I am so happy to finally release my newest design. It's a fun twist on the ever popular Round Ripple afghan. Let me know what you think and I'd hear about the types of yarns and colors you plan on using when you make your very own.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Studio EB Crafter

The owl keychain I recently won from Studio Eb Crafter. I turned it into a progress keeper for a bulky sweater vest I am currently knitting.
I recently won a wonderful prize from a long time friend. I was so impressed by her work that I just had to tell you about her.

Erin of Studio EB Crafter makes the prettiest necklaces, keychains and charms. I can tell she puts her heart into every thing she makes. She also strives for quality. Something so important in a "Made in China" society. Her prices are more than fair and she shipped my prize out promptly. I know that she would do the same for her customers. 

I highly suggest supporting Erin through a purchase from her Etsy Shop. Not only are you supporting a great business. You are supporting a great person.