Sunday, November 19, 2017


I have a new glorious project to tell you all about. But first a little backstory.

Last year my husband's Grandmother gave me a beautiful cabled sweater she had knit. It is oversized and so cozy. Sometimes I would just throw it over my shoulders and button the top button. In doing this I realized that I love capes. They allows my arms to move freely and I don't have to constantly push long sleeves up to keep them from getting in the way of knitting and crocheting. When you live in a cold area and in a house that is hard to keep warm anything that can keep you from freezing while letting you also stay productive is AWESOME!!! Enter my current project. I am making a cape using yarn that was originally meant for my first sweater. I decided a while back that it wasn't for me and was even going to sell the yarn. Till I realized it would make a lovely cape.

I began to look for a pattern and stumbled upon a pattern by Bernat called the "Top Down Button Front Capelet". I really liked the construction and guess what???? My gauge with the yarn I chose was SPOT ON!!! How often does that happen? This project with this yarn was definitely meant to be.

I have been a little vague on the details of the cape because I made a few short videos last night about it. It was fun showing some of the process and telling everyone about my new project. You can find my project HERE on Ravelry. Enjoy!!

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