Thursday, February 14, 2008

Elegant Wrist Warmers

Elegant Wrist Warmers
By Julee A. Reeves

2-3 ounces of Simply soft
"H" hook

Special Stitches:
V-Stitch: (Dc, Ch 1, Dc) in specified space or stitch.

Left hand:
Row 1: Ch 35, Dc in 6th Ch from hook, Ch1, Dc in same Ch as last Dc, *skip 2 Ch, V-St in next Ch; Repeat from * to end. Skip 1 Ch, Dc in next Ch, Ch 3 turn. (10 V-Sts, 2 Dc)

Row 2-3: V-St in each Ch 1 Sp across, Dc in top of Ch 3, Ch 3 turn. (10 V-sts, 2 Dc)

Row 4: V-St in next 6 V-Sts, Ch 5, skip next 2 Ch1 Sps, Sc in last 8 Sts (Ch1 Sps and Dc’s), Ch 3 turn. (6 V-Sts, 5 Ch, 8 Sc, 1 Dc)

Row 5: *Skip next 2 Sts, V-St in next St; Repeat from * to end, Dc in top of Ch 3, turn. (10 V-Sts, 2 Dc)

Row 6-16: Repeat row 2. Fasten off.

Right hand:
Row 1: Ch 35, Dc in 6th ch from hook, Ch1, Dc in same Ch as last Dc, Skip 2 Ch, *V-St in next Ch; Repeat from * to end. Skip 1 Ch, Dc in next Ch, Ch 3 turn. (10 V-Sts, 2 Dc)

Row 2-3: V-St in each Ch 1 Sp across, Dc in top of Ch 3, Ch 1 turn. (10 V-Sts, 2 Dc)

Row 4: Sc in next 8 Sts, Ch 5, skip next 2 Ch 1 Sps, V-St in next 6 Ch 1 Sps, Dc in top of Ch 3, Ch 3 turn. (6 V-Sts, 5 Ch, 8 Sc)

Row 5: V- St in next 6 Ch 1 Sps, skip next 2 Sts, *V-St in next St, skip next 2 Sts; Rep from * across, Dc in last St. Ch 3 turn. (10 V-Sts, 2 Dc)

Row 6-16: Repeat row 2.Fasten off.

Left and Right Wrist Warmers:
Leave 10 inch tail, and sew 1st and last rows together. Weave in ends, and keep those hands warm. If you'd like you can do a shell edging on the cuffs.

21 comments: said...

These are really nice. I'm going to make them for my sisters. Thank you so much! Diana

Shennie said...

I love these they are SO elegant. I've found the pattern for my new merino!

Julee aka Jewels said...

I'm glad you both like the pattern!! Thanks for sharing!!


Sara said...

Julee, this pattern was wonderful. I made my first one last night and will do the other hand tonight. I do have a question though. Any tips on how to make the wrist taper? I'm guessing some kind of decrease after the thumb, but wanted your thoughts.

Thanks! Sara

Kim said...

Hi Julee, Just found your blog today and LOVE your patterns. I made these Elegant Wrist Warmers tonight and love the way they fit. I did reduce by 1 row because I like a tighter fitting fit around my hand. Thank you for sharing your genius!

Bobbi Lee said...

One question about the pattern..

On the right hand, I've copied the pattern from the site.. I believe the Row 2 should end in a chain 3, while the Row 3 should only end in a chain 1.. But I could be wrong.

Row 2-3: v-st in each ch 1 sp across, dc in top of ch 3, Ch 1 turn. (10 v-sts, 2 dc- including beg ch 3)

I made that modification to mine and it seemed to turn out correctly..
If I'm wrong, please delete my comment. I don't want to confuse anyone!

Christine said...

Thankyou for the pattern, I've just completed my first pair and love them! I can see many more pairs being made... :)

Kat said...

I love your pattern and I was wondering if it's okay to sell the finished gloves online?

Julee aka Jewls said...

Hi Kat,
Thank you for asking!! I'm fine with that.



Shana Hall said...

I just found these gloves on pinterest. I love them! They are exactly what I was looking for as Christmas gifts for my friends! Thank!

elizabeth said...

Thank you for this great pattern. I just made a pair for my mom for christmas and I think I'll have to make a pair for myself as well once the holiday rush is over. They look great. :)
I'll put them on my blog later, and of course I'll link back to you. :)

Nanu said...

Thanks for sharing such a fun and easy pattern!! It worked up quickly and beautifully. I made a pair for my niece and look forward to making a pair for myself, too.


JorgiesGurl said...

Hello i love these wristers they are gorgeous but Im confused by row 4 it says CC and S-ST I know the abreviation CC is CC but in this pattern only calls for 1 color.. and S-St but couldn't find anything that made sense. I know all of it but those two.

Julia said...

I have a question on the pattern, row 1 of the left and right are the same except for the beginning of the repeat. Are they supposed to be different, or do you skip 2 sts between each Vst? I want to make sure o have it right before I get too far into the pattern. Thank you! :)

janet miles said...

Hi i am alittle confused aboout row 4 do i have to repeat row 4 the one in the brackets or does that mean that is what i have done , row 5 not sure what to do as it says do 6 v stitches but there is 8 sc there need help please ?

janet miles said...

please ignore my comment i made a mistake just not with it today sorry.

Maureen said...

These are adorable! I'm going to make them for my sisters too :) Just learning to crochet. Thank you! Totally favoriting your blog <3

Kathy said...

Yeh at last I could print a pattern free when it says free and I love them

Anonymous said...

Elain:12/14/2016.Thank you for your easy to follow pattern;I had fun doing these wrist warmers.

Anonymous said...

My sister is in a nursing home she love these

janet said...

Hi please can you tell me how to do the shell edging on the cuffs