Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What a wonderful day!!!

Hi all, Long time no post. I know. I'm sorry. But I'm back though.

Ok, today WAS really great. Crocheted a little while this morning while I listened to Rush in my tent. Then later on I went out and prepped my hay stack for another 3 tons of hay coming soon for my horse. Then I took a couple pics of my moms dog and my amazing horse.

First Picture:

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Precious is my amazingly awesome, over 25 year old horse. She's been my best buddy for over 5 years now. I don't know what I would have done without her these past 5 years. She's been my sanity (If that makes sense).

Second Picture:

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Griz (aka grizzly bear) is my moms dog. He loves her and really is like a big lap dog. We all love him and I always feel safe whens he's around. I know that he'd die for me or any of us if he had too.


craziebunny said...

OOO an awww and excitement coming from my boys looking at your horse!! All the TREES!!! WOW has to be great with snow on them!!Grizz beautiful dog!!

Julee's Quality Crochet said...

Thanks for looking!! I really love my horse and my dog. Precious is great with little kids too. She's taught many a kid to ride. One little boy didn't want to stop riding her. I've nearly fallen asleep on her back. But at other times I have to be wide awake cause she just wants to run.

The Anderson Family said...

Precious is a beautiful horse; what breed is she? Griz is cute too. =) Thanks for posting again! ;-)

Julee's Quality Crochet said...

Precious is a Welsh/Arabian/Quarter horse and she's about 13 hands (maybe a little less). I've had her for a little more than 5 years and I think she's some where over 25 years old right now. She's amazing though. I Love her to pieces!!!

Thanks for reading my blog. I'm gonna start posting some more about crochet and my animals soon.