Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finishing Your Crocheted Item!!!!

I just thought it'd be fun to write about something that is very important in the Art of Crochet- Weaving in ends. It's something that can make or break a project (most literally). If you weave in your ends properly your item can last a very LONGGGGGG time if you don't your item could fall apart very quickly. Could be it falls apart the first time you or someone else wears it or it could fall apart the first time it's washed. You just never know.

A few things I remember when I weave in ends on a project is to:
1. Always use a tapestry needle (or a needle that matches the thread or yarn you are working with). It makes maneuvering the yarn through stitches so much easier and makes it look so much smoother.

2. Don't crochet over the end. Most people are taught to weave in ends that way and it's an almost certain to destroy your project. It's soooo easy for the ends to be tugged at and pulled out of your project.

3. Use multiple rows or rounds if they are available. Doing so will ensure that yarn stays secure and will be more difficult to be pulled at.

4. ALWAYS leave at least 6 inches of yarn. When I first started crocheting I left sometimes only an inch or so of yarn after I was done with a project and I was always so disappointed when my project came unraveled so easily. It was a lesson that was learned the hard way but I'm so glad I did learn. It's saved me a lot of grief.

Remember that when you finish a project off you want who ever receives it to be able to enjoy it for a long time. Whether it's just for friends or family or for clients who purchase your crocheted goods. That is a another reason why it's so important to make sure your item is finished correctly. You don't want an unhappy customer. You want them to come back time, after time and tell others about your quality work.

I know most of the things I've mentioned are things most crocheters already know and practice but if you don't hold this practice very highly I challenge you to challenge the way you weave in your ends. I promise you it will pay you back over and over in the long run.

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