Sunday, September 7, 2014

2 New Patterns Available

I'm so excited to share that I have 2 new patterns available. You can find both patterns by clicking the links under each picture. These hats were specifically designed to be used for charity and/or gift giving. Please don't use these patterns to make items for sale.

Lattice Preemie Hat Pattern

Girly Preemie/Newborn Hat Pattern


Karen Dietrich said...

Hi Julie, I love your new patterns.I am a little stuck on the first one now that I am at the part for the FpTc2Tog.I want to make the hats for our local hospital. All babies born in Nov. rather in the hospital or a home birth are to get a purple hat. This is Purple Crying Awareness Month and is a reminder to new parents that all babies go through this stage and to not shale them. Do you have a youtube video t show this stitch better? Thank you for all your hard work. Karen

Karen Dietrich said...

Ok I got it figured out.. So silly of me. Thank you for the patterns and am so pleased it is turning out like yours.

Ina said...

Hi Julee, thank you so much for the lovely pattern. The hat is adorable. Ina

Roberta Clayton said...

I am also stuck on the lattice portion of the pattern. Is there a You tube video for it?


Bonnie Farmer said...

Hi Julie,

I am also stuck on the lattice portion of the pattern. Would like to know if you could tell me where I could find a tutorial for this? Also at the end of row 9, do I slip stitch in the last 2 DC and then fpdc before starting row 10?



Shelli White said...

Hi Julie,

It is great to see another Idahoan crocheter! I'm from the Emmett area. Just wanted to say thanks for the patterns. They are really appreciated.

Thanks again,

Unknown said...

Karen, do you have any tips for me as I am also stuck on the lattice portion of this pattern and it is so cute!