Monday, February 28, 2011

Time sure does fly!!!

Tomorrow I'll be turning 23. I can hardly believe it. This past year has just flown by. We probably won't do anything to exciting. Probably won't even have a birthday party even though I really wanted to have my dad over. My little sister wouldn't be able to make it. She's going to her BF's sisters birthday party in Spokane that same day. My other sister is in Bible College in California and my mom is in New York. Sooooooo, I might not get to see my family on my birthday which would completely suck. My BF hasn't realized exactly how much they mean to me. I hope he does someday though.

Oh gosh. This is just terrible. It's the day before my birthday and I'm crying. Probably has something to do with the fact that once again this year my mom won't be here for my special day and also, the fact that she got married the day before yesterday, is just a little sad for me. Oh, and the fact that my horse (best friend EVER) died last year after 8 years of the most wonderful times a girl could ever ask for. I wish I could turn the clock back a year and do things differently. Maybe then, all this pain I feel when I think about those things either wouldn't exist or would be a little less.

Any who, so sorry about this sad blog post. Hopefully tomorrows will be happier. :-D Happy Birthday to any other March 1st Babies out there.



Anonymous said...

Chin up! and Happy Birthday!

CrochetBlogger said...

Your birthday is free pancake day at IHOP and the first day of National Craft Month if it helps at all. :)

Spokane Birthday Party said...

Hi Julee
happy 23rd birthday. It is little bit shame that your was not with your family but my friend we are family now :) Do not worry just think everybody with you and enjoy the day. Do what you like to do, I hope your day will be fine. All the best wishes to you.