Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So FRUSTRATED- Bad Customer Story

Ok. Yesterday (early afternoon) a lady named Mary Jo (not TampaDoll just in case anyone is wondering) ordered a pattern off my etsy site. She immediately sent me an email and a message via etsy demanding to know where to "down load" the pattern she had purchased. I tried to email her the pattern (which is what I do as soon as I receive a pattern order) at which time I got this message from :
Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

The users mailfolder is over the allowed quota (size). (#5.2.2)

After receiving that message I sent her another message on etsy telling her that her email was not working and I asked for a working email address so I could get her the pattern. 24 hours later and some negative etsy feed back I did not deserve as well as issuing her a refund and canceling her order, I FINALLY hear from her after my many attempts of contacting her over a long period of time. She again claimed I had horrible customer service (which she also stated in her email and etsy message to me) and claimed that I had not told her how to get the pattern (at the end of the listing for the pattern she purchased it clearly said that I'd be emailing the pattern out).

In that long awaited message she sent to me she said "I certainly will put the word out on Ravely about the service I got from you." Ok. How many times does a person have to try and get a pattern to someone before they just give up. I tried at least 10 times.

My stomach has been in knots all day long. I've worked such a long time to get a good reputation built up and this person is bent on destroying that. I'm just about in tears over it. Makes me just want to quit selling my patterns. If that is what I have to deal with I just don't think it's worth it.

Anyways, If any of you all see any one bad mouthing me any where on the internet please let me know. I'm a hard working individual and I do not deserve to be slandered.

Thanks everyone!! I think I'm gonna go try and crochet again and get rid of this stress.


Martina said...

So sorry to hear this, I sure hope the next costumers will make it all worth it again.
from Sandpoint, ID

Julee aka Jewls said...

Thank you Martina!! That whole situation is really some unneeded stress. It'll be alright though. Just have to keep on taking care of my customers and doing what I've been doing.

Maybe one of these days I'll get a chance to meet you. I live in Bill Browns trailer park in Ponderay and work in the Deli at Wal-mart!!

Have a great day!! Thanks so much!!


Sue Doran said...

Customers don't take note of just one bad feedback. It's lovely to have 100% obviously but things do go wrong through no fault of your own and most buyers realise that. After all, people are people at the end of the day. Don't let it put you off.

Karen G. said...

Her dissatisfaction is not your fault--and no matter what she says, it won't make it your fault. Don't let one bad experience spoil it all for you--that's how the world is. Most of the time, things go along smoothly. Can't you leave follow-up comments to the Etsy feedback to tell your side of the story (trying to email the pattern multiple times, and waiting to hear back through etsy). You've done all you can do to make her a happy customer (refunding her money), and if she goes around bad-mouthing you over this, she obviously has "issues" that have nothing to do with you.

Sandyhook said...

Thats disgusting....sorry you had to experience that. There are some people who get a charge out of making others miserable.

TBH, she can spill her poison against you all she wants. Odds are few will care. And she cant say anything on the main boards at Rav because thats against the rules.

Try to let it go....these people are out there but are few and far between. :)

Danielle said...

Sorry to hear that. I hope that no matter what happen, you'll not stop on giving the best customer service anyone is wanting to receive. This was just one of the many things that could happen to you on providing service for your customers. But I hope that this would be the last time for you to encounter that kind of customer.


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Anonymous said...

Hi-There is no way we can account for the "strangers" out there.And their quirks of nature-maybe she was having a bad day-or woke up on the wrong side of the bed LOL
You tried very hard-but just let it go and put it down to an experience-all be it a negative one.
Keep up the good work and just keep going
I have enjoyed your patterns -

From NZ