Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Flower Power" Dish Cloths w/ Scrubbers

Pattern will be coming soon!!!

I've been a busy little bee lately. Made a whole bunch of my "Never to Pretty to Work" dish cloths then I started playing around with Flowers.

I love flowers and I love making dish cloths with my own scrubbers in them so one day I pulled some pretty colors out and got busy. As you can see I used solid colors with a yellow center. I used variegated colors. I used variegated yellows with a nice brown center to make a beautiful sunflower also. I really had fun with these and made quite a few of them including a red and white one that looks amazing that has not been photographed yet.

Thanks for looking everyone!!!I hope you ALL have a WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL day!!!



Anonymous said...

They are beautiful Julee! Love you! Cuz, Kyla

CrochetBlogger said...

Love these! Great idea ...

Anonymous said...

when will your pattern be available for the flowewr power dish cloth with scrubber i just love them hope soon

Julee aka Jewls said...

You can find the pattern here:

Thanks!! :-D