Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Recent FO's

Here are some things I've made within the last week (give or take a day):

Each corner of the pic shows the back side of my scrubbers and the one in the middle shows the scrubby side of my scrubbers. These worked up in under 20 minutes each and were fun and relaxing.

The items pictured above are Octopus Scrubbers. They are reversible. At first they look like Octopus Toys then when you turn them inside out you can see they have scrubbers built in. The left and right Octopus Scrubbers in the first picture are a little different. The left one is twice the size as the one on the left. All three of the Octopus Scrubbers were made with Cotton Yarn and Nylon Netting cut into strips and then crocheted into scrubbers. This is my own design and has not been written up yet.

All those Octopus Scrubbers I made really prompted me to make some Octopus stuffed toys. These were all made within the last few days. I've really enjoyed working them up and I can't wait to make more in other fun colors. Again, this is my own design and has not been written up yet.

These pot holders were made within the last week as well. The blue variegated one was worked in the round so the back looks just like the front. I love that pattern and have made quite a few of them. They work up very quickly.

The 4 potholders all in the same photo are made from the infamous magic square method. My grandma taught me that one MANY, MANY years ago and it's one I'll never forget. They are virtually unbeatable.

All the items above were made to sell. 2 of the Octopus Toys are sold already (just waiting to be picked up), the other one was just for fun. Everything else has been put into some plastic tubs and will be sold at a craft show later this year. All the proceeds from that will be going to Babies Savings (for anything we might need before or after baby is born).

Thanks for looking ya'll!!! Happy Knitting and Crocheting!!



Martina said...

What a great Idea with the octopus scrubby You need to enter that in the Fair next month.

CrochetBlogger said...

Love those octopi. So fun!