Thursday, July 14, 2011

An update on what's been going on in my life!!!

Ok, I owe ya'll an update. It's been a while.

Well, I am now into my second trimester (just a 2 weeks in) and thank goodness some of the morning sickness has lightened up a bit. I'm still having trouble eating and I've lost a little more weight but I'm feeling much better. I am learning my limits as a pregnant woman and learning more about the changes my body is going through.

My fiancee, Andrew, is being very supportive and is VERY excited about being a daddy just as I am VERY excited about being a mommy. I know it's gonna be a challenge and our lives are in the process of changing forever but we are both ready and willing to be the best parents we can possibly be.

We decided 2-3 weeks ago to postpone the wedding till next year. After the decision was made I was extremely relieved. I had been so sick that I knew planning a wedding would make things even worse and I really don't need any more stress than I already have right now.

On to my crochet life as of late........ I have some wonderful news for ya'll. One of my designs has been accepted for Crochet Worlds Dec Issue and I also just found out a week ago that this design will also be featured in the winners circle. I am soooo ecstatic. This has fulfilled a life long dream of mine.

Speaking with my dad yesterday I was reminded of exactly how long I had been dreaming about becoming a published designer. Apparently I had been dreaming about it since I was approximately 10 years old (13 years ago). It took a long time to achieve my goal but I'm so glad I stuck with it.

This post is already really long and I still have pictures to post so I'm gonna finish this post off and get some pictures up of all the things I've been working on.


Martina said...

Congratulations, What an achievement

The Gingerbread Lady said...

Just saw this here ... so I was right, wasn't I? Every pot finds its lid ;-)

Congratulations on this exciting new phase in your life! And don't worry about postponing the wedding, people get so caught up in the brouhaha surrounding THE BIG DAY that they forget that what is important is marriage - and that's a lifetime of days, big and small.
Olivia (MissCrochet)