Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shawl Naming Contest

Hi all, Ok, I need help finding a name for this shawl:
It's original name was The Thurday Night Shawl because I made it on thurday night
but I'm just not happy with that name now. It just doesn't really explain it well enough.

So, here's the deal. For the next week I'll be accepting name suggestions for this shawl and at the end of that 7 days. I will make a poll with the top names that I like and then everyone will vote for the name that they like (that will last a few days). The person whos Shawl Name has the most votes will win a prize from me and their shawl name will replace "The Thursday Night Shawl" title!!

You can leave a comment with a name for a shawl. Limit 5 shawl name suggestions per person!!




Azalea said...

Well, then I'm going to officially suggest my original suggestion of One-Night Butterfly Shawl.

This is RainbowAzalea from the 'ville btw.

perigrine said...

I would also go for a butterfly type name, and very similar to the first one. "Butterfly Night Shawl"

Anonymous said...

I'd like to make "Night of the Butterfly" my official entry for the name of the shawl. :)
Elle (Elle from C'ville)

annie said...

I like "An Evening Butterfly Shawl"

This is grannyannie from the 'ville!

Karen said...

I came up with "Butterfly on the Fly" Shawl

Knotty-girl said...

Flight of Fancy Shawl.

That is my suggestion.

It is really beautiful.


Lisa said...

Flutterbye Fly by Night

Julee's Quality Crochet said...

Thanks Ya'll!!! Keep on coming!! ~~Alot of great suggestions~~


some1uno said...

I'm suggesting "Mourning Cloak". It is a butterfly -
This shawl is shaped like it and would comfort someone in mourning.


Debbi-a1 said...

Wings of a Butterfly

craziebunny said...

Get your "Wings in a night shawl"

Craziebunny @ Ville

Paulissa said...

I'll Fly Away Shawl
Wings of Isis Shawl

Carey said...

Here's my pick : Eagle's Wings. i like the scripture reference- perfect for a prayer shawl!

Julee's Quality Crochet said...

Good one Carey!! That is a very good scripture verse and name!!



Mariana said...

Butterflies Are Free

I loved this pattern when I saw it at C'ville. Thanks for it.

Crochetoholic said...

I like the "Wings of Serenity" Shawl. Since it looks like butterfly wings...

this is Crochetoholic Debb from