Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things That Sell Well At Farmers Markets

Heres a list of things that sell well at our Farmers Market:

1. Hats
Some hats that are beanie style (made with cotton or acrylic) and also some hats made of fancier yarns like Chennile and homespun. I make those types of hat with a rolled brim. Very cute and VERY popular here.

2. Little bags for cellphones and for little girls. I have sold quite a few of my ice cream cone purses at our market. They have become quite popular for almost any age girl.

3. Cotton potholders also sell well. I usually make then between 6" and 8" square.
I can get one larger sized potholder out of one little cotton skein of yarn (peaches and cream I believe. You can purchase it at walmart).

4. Dish scrubbers and dishcloths sell pretty well. Not as good as everything else though. Scrubbers are by far the best sellers. I make them with nylon tulle off of a six inch roll (cut the tulle in half though and it's easier to work with and you get a lot more for your money), and then make one that matches its size in cotton and crochet the two together. Dishcloths take longer to make so it's harder to make your moneys worth with them but it doesn't hurt to have a few.

5. Scarves are a good asset to have. Use all types of yarn and make all types of lengths and widths although skinnier ones do sell better. I have noticed that people don't like having bulky scarves around there necks. They want something a little more compact.

6. I have found that a fancier style of wrist warmers sell well. Specificly my Cabled wrist warmers. I use simply soft and they turn out pretty nice and they can be made bigger or smaller just by changing the hook size.

Ok, that's about everything I make to sell. Here's what I charge for them now. I have found the following prices to work great around this area while still allowing me to make plenty of money off of them:

Beanies: $8-$10 depending on cost of materials
Fancy Rolled Brimmed Hats: $12-$15 depending on cost of materials
Little bags and Ice Cream Cone Purses: $3-$5 depending on size of bag and cost of materials
Cotton pot holders in various sizes: $5-$7
Dish Scrubbers/ Dish Cloths: $2-$3 depending on size
Scarves: $15-$20 depending on size and cost of materials
Wrist Warmers: $12 and up depending on style and cost of materials

That's pretty much it on pricing. If I've forgotten an item or a price I'll edit it but I don't think I've forgotten anything.

I hope this helps ya'll.



2kute said...

that's very helpfull, thanks
your potholders, do you make them double sided?

Julee's Quality Crochet said...

Hi!! I actually use the magic square method. It's always worked well for me and it works up relativly fast and doesn't use a ton of yarn.

Hope this helped!!


Mimi said...

Thanks for sharing! Haven't tried selling at bazaars, but I'm thinking about it :)

Ally said...

What is the magic square method? Great post by the way, very helpful!

Julee's Quality Crochet said...


I don't use a pattern but that one looks pretty good though.

It works up really nicely and has been around for ages.



Eva said...

Thanks for the post, and thanks for the link to the magic square method! :D

Perez Odhiambo said...

Thank you!! This is really inspiring!!

Anonymous said...

Your hat prices seem pretty low to me, unless you are making lacey hats for children. If it takes you at least 2 hours to make 1 and your charging only 12 dollars I would like to know how you make alot.